Know what makes the best A&R Department? YOU do, the music lovers. You are all the forefront of the music industry and we want to know what you are listening to! Connect with us @SounDriveRecs and let us know!

Who Are We?

SounDrive Records is Canada’s newest independent record label from Brampton, Ontario striving to contribute to the growth and positive change of the Canadian music industry while inspiring the world to be the best that they can possibly be through music that drives creative freedom. Created from an artist perspective, SounDrive Records looks to build a platform for hard-working musical talent who wish to make a living off of their craft in the musical genres of Rock and Rap.

The Mission:

Vocalize Your Style

Offer a fun and fashionable way to those who look to embody the latest SounDrive Records apparel by giving fans control over customization options with logo variations, plenty of seasonal products, and just over 60 colors to choose from for affordable prices!

Drive Your Sound

The fans empower the music industry and we want to Drive Your Sound! By letting us know your favourite music, We can deliver the music that you want to hear! #DRIVEYOURSOUND

Harmonize Your Success

We understand and respect the love an artist has for their art form and will set our sights on Harmonizing the artists’ needs and desires to attain the Success they deserve, while offering resources that will help establish themselves to a larger audience!


Why Us?:

We believe that any one with a true passion deserves a chance to show the world what they have to offer it. SounDrive Records will make a relentless effort to harmonize the success of Canadian musical talent with these same endeavours, while motivating the world to turn their dreams into a reality.



DRIVEWIRE is the official showcase hosted by SounDrive Records taking place across the Greater Toronto Area. Fans will have the chance to come face to face with the creators of the music that they love on every level, while being a part of a 111% music industry environment that aims to consistently to give you MORE entertainment. DRIVEWIRE will be streamed online with worldwide access ensuring nobody is left out.



After years of sacrifice, determination, investment, and experience pursuing the music industry, brothers Dominic and Francesco Giuliano put minds together to create SounDrive Records. After attending MetalWorks Institute of Sound and Music Production and receiving business training from the Brampton Economic Development Department’s “Starter Company Program” with a combined 20 years of playing several instruments, writing music, engineering several musical acts, with reputable passion, chemistry and loyalty. It was time to take endeavours to the next level towards making a positive contribution and enhancing the growth of the Canadian Music Industry.



It was a pleasure working with SounDrive Records. They had their information in hand and ready to allow me to be able to perform my duties as an entertainment lawyer in writing their contract with minimal changes. The persistence of the two will be quite beneficial to their growth as a record label in the future.
Paul SandersonBarrister & Solicitor